About Us

Network Capital was set up by Utkarsh Amitabh to democratize career intelligence and make personalized mentoring accessible to every person on the planet. Our growth to becoming one of the world’s largest career intelligence communities with 100,000+ verified millennials and Gen Z has entirely been organic. We do not spend anything on marketing or sales.

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Our Team

Network Capital is truly power by its community & patrons. 

We follow a decentralised leadership model. With the support of our city-leaders & faculty members we are present in 104+ countries.

Utkarsh Amitabh

Founder & CEO

Varya Srivastava

VP of Product & Govt. Affairs

Faculty Members

people who have created courses on Network Capital

Sahil Bloom

Sairee Chahal

Nikhil Kamath

Suhani Jalota

Khushboo Taneja

Vladimir Novakovski

Mercedes Bent

Subhashish Bhadra

Tyler Maloney

Anisa Mirza

Patrick J. McGinnis

Our city leaders

who curate the regional Network Capital experience

Suhrit Majumder

Gayatri Jolly

Niharika Khanna

Arjun Vaidya

Sabika Naqvi

Ghida Ibrahim

Kartik Desai

Karishma Jadeja

Rashi Kakkar

Mishaal Nathani

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