May 5

Partner with Network Capital | B2B Engagement for High Growth Organizations

We run executive training, career development, and culture building workshops, in addition to supporting organizations hire top talent and raise funds
Network Capital works with organisations to help them build their ‘Category of One’. We do this by supporting our B2B partners like Mudrex, World Bank, Falcon, Khyaal, Rocket Learning, ApnaKlub, among others 

1. Building a strong leadership and professional development program for your top management and employees
. Our focus will be on empowering your employees to bring their best self to work and have the skills to deliver outcomes. Our cohort based courses on writing, public speaking and community building will be particularly useful for your team. We are open to customizing the offering as you have more than 1300 staff members. Once you become our B2B subscriber, leadership training will be implemented by Network Capital. The timelines can be figured out jointly. 

2. Running cohort-based courses & community-building. We organisations build their community and engage with their users in form of cohort-based courses. An example of this is our course on Web3 & Crypto with Mudrex. This course was designed to increase the understanding about web3 and crypto amongst working professionals and help them understand Mudrex and the larger ecosystem. 

. Hiring. Most startups today find their employees on NC. As a B2B partner, you will have 1 dedicated resource who will help you find top talent. You will get priority treatment on our job board and we will leave no stone unturned in finding employees with a founder mindset.

4. Branding and story-telling. We will leverage our network to tell interesting, authentic stories about your company. Podcasts, masterclasses and newsletters are powerful assets of NC that reach the top decision makers around the world. We will help you build your brand leveraging our assets. This will propel you to find new customers and attract top notch partners/employees.  

3. Raising funds & market expansion. We work with high-growth startups and help them raise funds and explore new markets through the Network Capital subgroups and ecosystem. 

Our existing B2B Partners

Our existing B2B Partners include - 
1. Mudrex
2. ApnaKlub
3. CrowdPad
4. Rocket Learning
5. Falcon
6. Khyaal
7. World Bank
8. Anyone
9. Quench 
10 Intelekt AI
11. Hertie School of Public Policy 
12. APCO Worldwide 
13. Kheyti
14. Onnivation
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