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Here is what the subscription covers

Full Access to all subgroups

From London to Lucknow, you get to meaningfully connect with other ambitious millennials like yourself and learn from them.

Full Access to NC TV

We like to explain ourselves as “Netflix” for Careers. Being a subscriber gives you unfettered access to all shows on Network Capital TV.

Learning Bootcamps

You get to connect with the incredibly talented professionals - alumni from top schools and top companies - who created these masterclasses.

Resume and Essay Reviews

As part of your subscription, you get access to resume, LinkedIn and college / masters / business school essay reviews. These reviews are conducted by distinguished professionals who have actually gone through the process, and can therefore give you specific feedback and guidance.

Daily Office Hours

We conduct office hours for our subscribers every single day. You can simply pick a slot that works for you and we will directly have you speak with our coaching unit composed of alumni from Harvard, INSEAD, Stanford, Kellogg, Wharton, Oxford, LBS, Microsoft, Facebook etc.

Interview Preparation

Having coached thousands of students and professionals, we understand the art of combining powerful story telling with hard data to create a compelling personal narrative. We help our subscribers be their authentic best under stress-inducing situations.

Unparalleled Network

We not only help you discover incredible people, we teach you how to meaningfully add value to them. We call this “contribution capital”. Networking is not about hobnobbing and Tweeting. It is about adding value to others. By consistently adding value to others, we have built one of the world’s largest networks.

Access to all Events

We host thoughtfully curated events - both offline and online - around the world. Being a subscriber gives you free access to all events and even that of some of our partners. To share an example, during the India Impact Investing Week, all Network Capital subscribers got passes worth INR 5000 free of cost.


Our fellowships follows the flipped-classroom format of learning and engagement. They are a combination of live session, 1:1 mentoring and cohort engagement to help our fellows address long-term goals through mirco-improvements and experiments. Our fellowships are global and age-agnostic.

Frequently asked questions

What is Network Capital?

Network Capital is a subscription-enabled career content community for those interested in building a meaningful career and a powerful network. While the Network Capital experience for each subscriber is unique and tailored for their requirements, some popular use-cases for Network Capital are - 
1. Applications for top B-Schools and Masters programmes. 
2. Mentoring for making crucial career decisions. 
3. Support and guidance for career transitions and pivots.
4. Cohort-Based Fellowships with learning, upskilling, and personal development. 
5. Verified and trusted community for professional growth and networking through online and offline events, subgroups, and 1:1 connections.

Who is Network Capital for?

Network Capital is for anyone who is interesting in taking their career to the next level. Subscribers use Network Capital for long-term career planning by achieving short-term goals.

Our members are largely between the ages of 16 to 35. However, the youngest member is 14, and the oldest is 75. We are not geographically bound; our members are spread across 104 countries.

How can I make the most out of my subscription? Where do I start?

While there is no one way in which people use Network Capital; a helpful rule of thumb is to -
1. Block 2 hours every week to grow through our content - newsletter, masterclass, and podcasts. 
2. Enrol in our cohort-based fellowship to augment your personal development. 
3. Sign up for a networking session via The Serendipity Tool.
4. Tune into our weekly (online & offline) events. 
5. Join relevant subgroups to stay updated in your areas of interest/geography. 

We strongly believe in the power of getting 1% better every day - all of our content and services are designed with this principle in mind.

How can I connect with other community members?

You can post on the community forum or subgroups. You can also meet other members through online and offline events - The Serendipity Tool is a great option. You will find all member details in the directory. 

How many mentoring sessions can I book? Who will be my mentor?

You can book as many sessions as you would like.  Each mentoring session is for 15 minutes and is held everyday from 6pm to 9pm (IST). We match our mentor-mentee pairs based on the mentees requirements and mentor availability.

You can receive mentoring from anyone who has created content for Network Capital. All you have to do is - watch their masterclass/podcast and then book a mentoring session. 

Content, Community, and Career Intelligence

Why is content, community and, and career intelligence important on Network Capital?

Network Capital initially started as an online community of millennials interested in professional growth and networking. As the online community grew, content creating became an organic byproduct. Our members volunteered to create masterclasses sharing their professional experiences and journeys. Career Intelligence emerged as a combination of the content and community. It provides our subscribers with the personalised mentoring and guidance they need to succeed. 

Today we have a community of over 100,000 members from 112 countries who have created 3000+ hours of content and conducted 10,000+ hours of 1:1 mentoring sessions. 

As a subscriber what all content do I get access to?

Content on Network Capital is created by the best in the world. As a subscriber, you get complete access to all Network Capital content. This includes - 
1. Masterclasses 
2. Podcasts
3. Newsletters 

What is the serendipity tool? How can I use it for networking?

Every alternate Thursday and Saturday we facilitate connections between Network Capital subscriber in groups of 3-4 people based on shared interests and backgrounds. The Serendipity Tool operates with a combination of -

1. Our AI Algorithm that matches you to two other members based on the areas of interests you share. The idea is to not create predictable matches of ‘like’ people, but to have a balance of comfort, surprise and delight in each of the group matches our algorithm recommends. 

2. Circumventing the scheduling and small-talk. Most conversations (especially with acquaintances) tend to start with a tinge of awkwardness and a plethora of emails for scheduling. We avoid this by having a weekly fixed slot for the session and by sharing prompts and context for each group to get all Serendipity Tool Sessions started. As we take care of the logistics and the experience, we expect all members to show up on time and be respectful in their conversations

3. The shared context of the Network Capital community. Over the past couple of years, we have worked on multiple products, helped numerous people get to their dream job and college, found many meaningful partnerships; but amongst all of this we value and cherish the Network Capital community we have build the most.

With the Serendipity Tool, we want help members build shared experiences and and relationships. We have never been an advocate for networking for the sake of networking. Instead, we believe in the potential of random encounters, serendipity and meaningful conversation.

What are Network Capital subgroups? How can I join?

Network Capital subgroups are city and industry based groups within the Network Capital subscription community. Subscribers use them to learn and connect on niche topics and specific interests.

We have over 100+ subgroups. These are lead by Network Capital leaders who curate the experience for their respective subgroups. You can read more here.

How can I enrol in Network Capital’s fellowships? Are there any additional charges?

You will find the details of all Network Capital fellowships here. There fellowships are completely open, without any additional cost, for all Network Capital subscribers. 

Each fellowship has multiple cohorts and subscribers can sign up for them anytime.

I have request for a masterclass/fellowship. How can I can raise it?

All our content is created based on the requests and learning goals of our subscribers. You can send in your request/interests to us here. Our team will get it done.
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