Kaushik Subramanian

Career Principles of Kaushik Subramanian

INSEAD | McKinsey | Product Leader



Career Hacking with INSEAD and McKinsey Alum

My long-term vision is to enable real change in India – either via a successful business and providing jobs, doing something in education, or by helping the public sector – I plan to go back in a few years. I think that its where the growth is, and with incomes rising, it is going to be the place to be in a few years’ time if it isn’t already.

Life After McKinsey

Nothing is as prestigious, but it’s better to be ex-McKinsey than at McKinsey: The moment you tell someone you worked at McK, you’re automatically classified as ‘smart’. People expect you to work some sort of magic — but you don’t have to suffer the bad work life balance of the Firm. I’d say its like having your cake and eating it too!

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Kaushik learnt marketing at L’Oreal, strategy at McKinsey and now learning product in a tech company. He has also worked on projects for the World Economic Forum (presented in Davos 2016) and Rocket Internet. He graduated from INSEAD with an MBA and is based in London. Kaushik enjoys collecting single malt whisky, geeking out on trivia, and coaching people.
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