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Rumaitha al Busaidi | TED Fellow
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Rumaitha Al Busaidi

An award-winning radio presenter and sportswoman, Rumaitha is credited with being the first female football analyst in the Arab world; a feat that she only could achieve due to her passion for the sport and being part of Oman’s women football team. In her efforts to encourage more women into sports, Rumaitha became the youngest Omani woman to step foot on the South Pole and is on a bid to become the first hijabi to conquer the seven volcanic summits.

Witnessing a substantial gap to address seawater intrusion changing the Omani agricultural landscape, Rumaitha worked with public Omani stakeholders on the concept of integrated aquaculture systems, which is now adopted as a national project with a goal to impact 50 farms by 2020. Consequently, Rumaitha serves as vice chair of the food manufacturing committee of the National Program for Enhancing Economic Diversification (Tanfeedh) that explores ways to diversify the Omani economy away from oil and gas.
Rumaitha is part of World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community, named by the European Commission as a One Young World Peace Ambassador, a Challenge 22 for the World Cup 2022 Ambassador, and an Ambassador for the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). Rumaitha holds two MSc degrees in Environmental Sciences, and Aquaculture respectively. She will be joining the Harvard Kennedy School’s Class of 2020 to pursue her third Master’s in Public Administration.
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