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This is a group of people who are driven by passion, sense of purpose. They want to make a difference, and want to give back in profound ways. So I feel great about what the future holds through the eyes of all of you.
Former CEO of PepsiCo. 
It was enjoyable to spend 70 minutes discussing tech, education & policy issues without a whiff of party politics coming in! Am told we had 18,800 listening at one point.
Dr. Shashi Tharoor
MP for Thiruvananthapuram, India | Author of 22 books

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Best batch ever! I learnt so much hosting this masterclass for this cohort of Network Capital Personal Branding Fellowship.
Editor: Technology, Business Today, India Today Group
It was really fun to chat with Network Capital about EdTech, Stanford GSB and more! Honoured to play my part in strengthening edtech ecosystem!
Ex-Udacity, Paytm, Facebook
Network Capital has emerged as a highly curated community for career guidance and skill sharing. The quality of content and the level of engagement has been phenomenal and I look forward to more.
Harvard Business School Candidate
NC is doing a great job of helping students and young professionals make informed career choices in diverse fields. I am impressed by the group's culture on giving and adding value to others.
Founder and Chairman of Aavishkaar Group
I joined Writing Cohort I (and then Writing Cohort III) with a clear purpose: hone my writing for storytelling. I’ve got solid command of the fundamentals of English. My challenge has been writing to persuade. The pros: great structure and flow, clear weekly targets, public sharing (built my confidence). The cons: super-intensive (I had to participate in 2 cohorts to become confident to pitch), talented competition (pushed me to work harder).
Aruna chawla
Founder of Salad Condoms
NC has played a role in shaping me in many ways. I've met some of the best people in my life through NC.
New Initiatives Team, Vedantu
It's indeed an honor to be part of this beautiful community that you have been building over the years. Looking forward to work with some of the community members and you in this new journey. 
Sanjay kumar
President - Corporate Affairs and Public Policy, UpGrad
I am such a big fan of what Network Capital is doing to sustain the motivation and talents of so many people.
Sharath Jeevan OBE
Founder of STiR Education
As a member of the diaspora living abroad, I long for communities that feel like home. Network Capital is that community for me. For the last several years, it has been the space where I feel connected, cared and respected. It's also the only community that has allowed me to stay fresh on emerging India. Simply put, Network Capital has been home away from home in some sense, providing valuable moments for me to feel belonged and heard. For the diaspora living abroad, there is no better community in my opinion.
Rajat Mittal
Making 𝘉𝘰𝘺𝘪𝘴𝘩
Wanna let you know I felt empowered after attending the Public Speaking fellowship and was reminded of my strengths! Thank you for making it happen:)
Marketing Manager, Athena Education

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Network capital is taking community based learning to another level. The content, hands-on real life experiences along with access to outstanding leaders, community and courses help people in building their Relevance Quotient (RQ). Staying relevant is not a one time job and it is a constant effort on a daily basis and NC helps millions of people stay relevant. 
Deepak Ananthakrishnan
Network Capital has been an amazing community for me, - the only one of its kind whose members contribute so unselfishly and are happy to "pay it forward". I've benefited from advice and information shared on NC personally, and my company Rocket Learning has partnered with NC to hire some great leaders and spread the word about our work. I know from my work that creating an active, engaged group without any monetary incentives is the hardest thing you can imagine - NC has made it happen with great care, love and generosity.
Azeez gupta
True to its name, Network Capital has nurtured the power of community and empowered its members to use this community as capital to power their professional journeys.
Ramesh Chander
Such a cool experience to see the kind of output/input ratio you can get with well thought-out async collaboration! Excellent mentors, great peers, brilliantly facilitated.
Astha Srivastava
One of my favourite community learning platforms - Network Capital. It has some great initiatives (podcasts, fellowships, P2P learning fora etc.) in addressing some of these skilling gaps. More power to community learning!
Pranjal Begwani
Your work is an embodiment of who you are as an individual - empowering, maximizing, and a strong voice of reason. Thank you for bringing us together as one big amazing community!
Shivansh Chaudhary
Sheetal Banchariya
The last six months have been extremely exhausting with the whole process of preparing my application for studying abroad. I have been your Facebook friend for quite some time now and I genuinely feel inspired looking at your journey. When I reached out to you in December 2021, I was very confused with all the different kinds of reviews that I received from multiple people on my essays for Columbia Journalism School. Not only did you respond to me in distress, but you directed me to become a part of the fantastic Network Capital community.

The 'MBA and Master's Applications Bootcamp' on Network Capital really helped me narrow down on which aspects of my life I wanted to highlight for the admissions committee at Columbia. The way you structured the sessions and broke it down to simply putting across a story or extraordinary achievements made my anxiety go way down and gave me a lot of confidence in my application. 

I would also like to highlight your objective opinion about everything. For instance, if you didn't like anything in the application, which you felt was not making the case stronger, you were invested enough in the whole process to put it across. I was working on the essays since September 2021 but I would like to share that I re-did my essays completely after going through the boot camp sessions and discussing with you during NC office hours. 

I cannot thank you enough for all the efforts and time you invested in my application, which eventually resulted in my acceptance to Columbia. Moreover, you instilled a lot of confidence in me by just being YOU. I would also like to appreciate Varya for being there every hour, be it midnight or early morning. If there was even the slightest of issue that I faced, she was always hands-on to address it as soon as possible.

Thank you very much, Utkarsh and Varya. I hope to receive your continued guidance and give back to NC in some way. 
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