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We have over 100+ subgroups that help our subscribers from all over the world connect. These are lead by Network Capital leaders who curate the experience for their respective subgroups.

Here’s how you can join the Network Capital subgroups -

Step I: Introduce yourself with details of your geography and areas of interest.

Use the Network Capital social network to introduce yourself. Our team will automatically share the relevant subgroup details with you based on your post. 

Step II: Connect with the subgroup leader

Once you have access to the subgroup, feel free to post and connect with the subgroup leader and members. 

Step III: Join in on subgroup events and discussions

All city-based subgroups have in-person meet ups and all industry and career goal related subgroups have online group discussions. Join in!
Why should you join a subgroup?

Zero spam

Each and every member on Network Capital is verified. This ensures that all our subgroups have no spam. Only verified and relevant information is shared.

Exclusive access and insights

Network Capital is a community of interesting people doing meaningful things. This ensures that members in our subgroups share unique opportunities, events, and insights.

For example, our London subgroup members hosted Dr. Mukund Rajan for their city meet-up; the impact investing subgroup got free passes for India Impact Investing Week worth Rs. 5000; and members of our policy subgroup daily share interesting research papers and analysis. 

Get support on your specific requests/interests

We have a subgroup for all topics and geographies that you can think of. Have a very specific request? Want to find people with similar interests? The Network Capital subgroups will help you with that.

Have fun!

Our subgroups are not all work. If you’re a pet owner, art lover, or book worm - there are subgroups for you as well. From hobbies to professionals interests - our thematic subgroups ensure you take time to have fun as well.
Although we have over 100 subgroups, some of our most popular ones are - 
  • Policy
  • Art
  • New York
  • Impact Investing
  • Delhi
  • San Fransisco 
  • Music
  • London
  • Product Management
  • France
  • Banglore
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Pet owners
  • Writing
  • Consulting & Case-Study
  • EdTech
  • Podcast
  • Hong Kong
  • Boston
  • Canada 
  • Mumbai
  • Media & Marketing
  • Data Science and Analytics

Want to join the Network Capital subgroups?

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