Office Hours with Utkarsh Amitabh

Founder and CEO of Network Capital
Utkarsh Amitabh is the Chief Executive Officer of Network Capital and the Chief Marketing Officer of, a blockchain unicorn valued at $1.5 Billion. acquired a stake in his company Network Capital (, one of the world’s largest mentorship platforms that empowers 1.6 million school students and 150,000+ young professionals to build meaningful careers.
He is a writer at Harvard Business Review, Chevening Fellow at University of Oxford and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper who represented the community at the Annual Meeting in Davos.

He is the author of two best selling books published by Sage - “The Seductive Illusion of Hard Work” and "Passion Economy and the Side Hustle Revolution". World Economic Forum founder Professor Klaus Schwab wrote the foreword for both his books.
An engineer by training, Utkarsh read philosophy at Pembroke College, University of Oxford and earned his MBA from INSEAD Business School where he was recognized as the Andy Burgess Scholar for Social Entrepreneurship. He is also the Torchbearer of Ashoka University’s Young India Fellowship.
Utkarsh worked at Microsoft for 7 years across US, Europe and India, leading business development for big bet projects. He is a TED speaker, Raisina Fellow, and the recipient of the INK Fellowship.
He is also a trained actor and played “Major Metcalf” in one of the world's longest running plays. He loves to travel and has been to more than 80 countries.

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