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Upcoming Cohort Based Fellowships

For January we have the Public Speaking Fellowship (starting Jan 15, 2022).

You can either sign up for one of the upcoming Cohort-Based Fellowships or go through the fellowship archives (session recordings). 

Latest Masterclasses

We host some of the most interesting professional every week. You can find the upcoming masterclasses here. These are our most recent masterclasses. 
PS. All session recordings from the Deep Generalist Fellowship are now live! Go and watch them now :)

Recent Newsletters

We send out long-term newsletters on every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Here are the most recent ones.

1. What happened to your ambition in 2021 - Even if we were not impacted directly by the firing or “The Great Resignation”, our relationship with work changed. A result of that has been the tectonic shift of ambition.

2. 10 Most Read Newsletters of 2021 - We wrote 150,000 words this year. These are some important concepts you may want to keep in mind as you reflect on the adventures of 2021.

3. How Jay-Z Became a Billionaire: “I’m Not A Businessman, I’m A Business, Man.” - His playbook is simple — pick something aspirational, build it from ground-up, promote it leveraging personal brand and sell it at a premium. He started Rocawear in 1999 and sold it for $204 million to Iconix in 2007); Tidal in 2014 sold to Square for $300 million.