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Upcoming Cohort Based Fellowships

For April and May 2022 we have the - 
1. MBA & Masters Bootcamp 
2. Career Restart Program
3. Crypto & Web3 Fellowship
4. Fundamentals of Product Management taught by Ravish Bhatia (Head of Product at indiagold)

You can either sign up for one of the upcoming Cohort-Based Fellowships or go through the fellowship archives (session recordings). 

The YouthINK with Network Capital Summer School for students between the ages of 9 to 18 starts on May 28, 2022. Join in!

Latest Masterclasses

We host some of the most interesting professional every week. You can find the upcoming masterclasses here. These are our most recent masterclasses. 
PS. All session recordings from the Deep Generalist Fellowship are now live! Go and watch them now :)

Recent Newsletters

We send out long-term newsletters on every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Here are the most recent ones.

1. Adrian Grenier's Career Transition: Hollywood Actor to Texas Farmer - Adrian Grenier starred in the hit HBO series Entourage and the blockbuster romantic comedy The Devil Wears Prada. He broke into the entertainment industry with the teen flick Drive Me Crazy and has remained a popular actor ever since. After spending two decades, he made a huge career transition. Just before the pandemic, he left Hollywood to become a farmer.

2. What connects JK Rowling, Dr. Seuss, Andy Warhol and James Dyson? - Failure…Rejection…More Rejection….More Failure……Success

3. Will your 18 year old self be proud of you today? - To measure personal progress, you need to look back at your past, reflect on your dreams and aspirations of yester years. The biggest mistake people make is to define their self worth and personal progress by comparing with their peers. Instead of objectively evaluating how they are doing, they end up playing status games and rotting in the prison of envy.
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