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Upcoming Cohort Based Fellowships

For November we have the Writing Fellowship (starting Nov 26, 2021) & December we have the Deep-Generalist Fellowship (starting Dec 11, 2021).

You can either sign up for one of the upcoming Cohort-Based Fellowships or go through the fellowship archives (session recordings). 

Latest Masterclasses

We host some of the most interesting professional every week. You can find the upcoming masterclasses here. These are our most recent masterclasses. 
PS. All session recordings from the EdTech Fellowship are now live! Go and watch them now :)

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1. Primer to Metaverse: What is it and what it means for your work life? - Science fiction has played a pivotal role in the evolution of technology. The term “metaverse” was coined by writer Neal Stephenson in his book Snow Crash way back in 1992. He described a virtual world experienced by users equipped with augmented reality glasses.

2. What's my biggest success? What am I most proud of? - I did an interview recently when the host asked me about the one achievement I am most proud of. This is what I said, “I have excellent relationship with my family, loved ones, friends and community members. My relationships last. No matter where I am, I stay connected - not just about the high-level stuff but also about deeper issues. If and when I have had a falling out with someone, time has healed wounds and I have always given the benefit of doubt…restarting things from where they were.”

3. “In the same way sound isn’t music, traffic isn’t audience.” - Every creator needs an audience and traffic isn’t audience. Doing something provocative for the heck of it is likely to backfire. Instead of trying to get fleeting traffic to our platform or performance, we need to develop a plan of action.