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Upcoming Cohort Based Fellowships

For October, we have the Community Building Fellowship (starting October 9, 2021) and the Writing Fellowship (starting October 30, 2021)

You can either sign up for one of the upcoming Cohort-Based Fellowships or go through the fellowship archives (session recordings). 

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We host some of the most interesting professional every week. You can find the upcoming masterclasses here. These are our most recent masterclasses. 
PS. All session recordings from the EdTech Fellowship are now live! Go and watch them now :)

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1. Status games, careers and passion economy - As passion economy becomes more mainstreamed, thoughtful experimentation will be the need of the hour. The problems to focus on, the people to partner with and the platforms to choose aren’t standardized for everyone. Try, iterate and find your fit. The spectrum of possibilities is wide, the opportunities are everywhere. It is time to look for new vistas even if the society seems reticent to give their stamp of approval. Remember their skepticism might just be stemming from lack of exposure. You don’t need anyone’s validation and even if you crave for that, know that it will happen over time. Inaction because you lack validation will likely haunt you over the long term.

How networking changed during the pandemic? - Showing up for Zoom calls and meetings doesn’t mean anything if aren’t immersed. It has become a chicken and egg problem. Zoom calls tend to be a bit too structured leaving little room for serendipity, then new apps like Houseparty, Lunchclub that are designed for serendipity end up unintentionally adding to the Zoom doom. For most of us, building meaningful relationships during the pandemic hasn’t been easy.

3. Trevor Noah, Reid Hoffman and the Future of One Person Companies - The innate desire to find work at the intersection of our curiosity, conviction, passion and market trends is becoming universal. That is why I believe there will be a lot more 1 person companies in the coming decade, some of which will become massive - perhaps unicorns and decacorns. Crypto analysts suggest that there will likely be the first trillion dollar company run by one person in the not so distant future.
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