Understanding the world of Web3

Stefano Bury | Head of Platform at LongHash Ventures 
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About this masterclass

Framework for understanding the evolving web3 landscape

Insights on value distribution on the internet

Experience as an investor in the web3 and crypto ecosystem

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Stefano Bury

Stefano Bury has over fifteen years of experience in the business world. Stefano started their career as a Sales & Trading at BHP and then moved on to various boutique consulting firms before joining McKinsey & Company as an Engagement Manager. In February 2021, they became the Head of Platform at LongHash Ventures. Stefano has a proven track record in leadership and management and is known for their strategic thinking and ability to get things done.

Stefano Bury has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD.

Their manager is Emma Cui, CEO & Founding Partner. They are on a team with and Shi Khai Wei - COO & General Partner.
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