Network Capital X: Competitive Edge for Ambitious School Students

1:1 classes with Oxford grads to turbocharge critical thinking, public speaking and writing
$2500/year | 45 minutes/week
Most schools around the world are designed like factories. They follow the assembly line model and train students for taking tests, following rules without questioning and competing for meaningless goals. 

At the Network Capital School, our mission is to help all school students build their category of one. We do this by
  • Providing 1:1 mentorship by Oxford graduates and PhD scholars
  • Helping students work on projects that sharpen their critical thinking, public speaking and writing
  • Inspiring students to build a portfolio that can be presented along with their application to top universities
Participating students build a world class network, learn to think from first principles and gain a competitive edge

Why should you join the mentorship program?

What students learn in school is not enough. They need to connect with relatable mentors who have excelled in life
  • Get focused mentorship from from the top 0.1% talent globally
  • Gain clarity on the future of work, new career opportunities and ideas to change the world
  • Learning by doing interesting projects, getting feedback and building your category of one
Network Capital will be happy to provide recommendation letters and certificates based on performance

Our mentors

Caroline Baumöhl
University of Oxford
Liam Bekirsky
University of Oxford
Varya Srivastava
University of Oxford
Jakob Mökander
University of Oxford
Mohini Gupta
University of Oxford
Sakshi Ghai
University of Cambridge
Utkarsh Amitabh
University of Oxford
Abbas Kazmi
University of Oxford
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