How to navigate the Network Capital ecosystem?

Network Capital Orientation Guide
We are thrilled to welcome you to the broader Network Capital ecosystem. As a subscriber, you have full access to all NC services - masterclasses, newsletters, daily job board, live cohort based fellowships, city and interest based subgroups, social network and office hours.

From our experience, subscribers are able to make the most out of Network Capital when they - 
1. Have a tangible short-term goal in mind. Feel free to speak to us to identify this. 
2. Add value to other community members. 
3. Immerse themselves in the various services that Network Capital has to offer. 

TL;DR - Next Steps

To get started with your journey on Network Capital, we recommend you - 
1. Fill the onboarding form and book your onboarding call. The details for this have been sent to you via the email ID with which you have subscribed
2. Explore the Network Capital Content library and get started with your learning journey.
3. Sign up for a fellowship that interests you. Our subscribers tell us this is the best way to experience Network Capital.
4. Meet other members! Sign up for the Serendipity Tool session
5. Book an office hour slot and get personalised guidance and mentorship. 

PS. If you have any further questions at all, write to us. All updates regarding new sessions and fellowships are shared in a daily newsletter that goes out to all subscribers.

If you would like to know more details about Network Capital, continue reading below!


The content on Network Capital is created by the top 0.1% professional in the world. Each masterclass, podcast and newsletter is designed with the specific intention of helping you achieve your goals and to make you 1% better. 

Some of the broad themes across which our content is organised, include -
You can also browse all our masterclasses and podcasts here - 

Career Intelligence

The two critical components of career intelligence on Network Capital are - 

1:1 mentoring 

These are personalised mentoring sessions or ‘Office Hours’ where you can get specific guidance and support. You can discuss anything work related in these slots. Common office hour questions include -
a. Career experimentation
b. Career confusion
c. Career advancement strategies
d. Cracking top Masters/MBA programs
e. Identifying your super powers
f. Taking tough decisions

To make the most of your time with Utkarsh, please read this note and book your slot here

Cohort-Based Fellowship

Our Cohort-Based Fellowships are truly the best way to experience Network Capital. They help you achieve a tangible goal in a time-bound manner. 

As a part of a Cohort-Based Fellowship, you get access to -
1. Live faculty-lead session that happen 2-3 times a week.
2. You are invited to a weekly social-mixer to meet and learn from other fellows
3. Office hours to get personalised guidance 
4. Exercises and assignments that will help you master the goal of the fellowship. 

You can find the details of all our fellowships here, have a look and sign up for the one(s) that interest you. If you want to know more about our fellowship, read here. 


The community is at the core of everything we do on Network Capital. To engage with the community, you can - 
1. Join our city and industry based subgroups
2. Sign up for a serendipity tool session and meet other Network Capital members! These sessions happen on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

PS. We also host offline events and meet-ups. Details of this are shared as and when circumstances allow us to host these events. 
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