The Investing Bundle

Step I: Go through the masterclasses & podcasts

We have hosted some of the best investors from around the world. Learn from them!

Step II: Register for the next cohort of the Investing Fellowship

The world of investing is a black-box - as an industry it is particularly hard to break into, as a skill it very complex to learn. Through our multiple masterclasses with the best faculty members from the world, we have learnt that understanding investing and breaking into this industry is a combination of art and science, and a lot of practise.

This fellowship is designed for - 
1. Breaking into venture capital, private equity, and trading
2. Learning how to scout potential companies
3. Learning how to value companies
4. Emerging as a thought leader in the investing space
5. Building your brand

Register for the next cohort here.

Step III: Get mentorship

Mentorship and guidance is a crucial component of product management. To get the right guidance on your PM journey, please either join the next cohort of the Investing Fellowship or book office hours

If you are looking for an accountability partner or a network of PMs to get through your PM journey,  join the Investing Subgroup

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