The Network Capital Fellowships

There is enough research and anecdotal evidence to prove that in the 21st century no one is going to have just ‘one career’. As the human lifespan increases and automation takes over; our multiple interests, curiosities, and identities will lead us to make a series of career transitions. We will all reinvent ourselves multiple times and (hopefully) create our category of one.

What is important is that these transitions will not happen overnight. Instead, they will start as a series of low-risk experiments that lead to gradual change and breakthroughs. They will require consistent learning and unlearning. Navigating through this alone is not easy; neither is taking the first step of the experiment. 

In his Harvard Business Review article, Utkarsh lays down a step-by-step framework for building your category of one. Through the Network Capital fellowships, we go a step further. 

We help you create a 'portfolio of careers' that builds your category of one. 

What does this mean?

Think of Network Capital fellowships in three broad buckets.
  • Foundational learnings: Eternal knowledge & first-principle thinking
  • Micro adventures: Following your curiosity & trying new things
  • Essential skills: The hidden tips & tricks that make learning easy

Under each of these buckets, we have a string of fellowships that make the experimentation and transition fun and easy. 

Foundational learning

Deep thinking, effective decision making, planning, and vision setting exponentially impact our ability to do well in the long-term. Yet it is a counterintuitive exercise. If you don't know what to do how do you plan for it? 

To address this, we run two fellowships that address the same question with differing lenses and focus.
  • 'I don't know what I want to do with my life' Fellowship: A deep-generalist approach to career
  • CEO Fellowship: A focus on leadership and professional progression.
One-on-one mentoring, mental models, and personal are crucial components in this segment of the fellowships 

Timing - Twice a year
Duration - One month

Micro Adventures

Once you have the larger vision set, how do you build your path towards it? How do you conduct the series of micro-experiments to test out what works for you and what doesn't? The micro-adventure fellowships come in here. 

Happening throughout the year, these fellowships bring the top 0.1% of professionals from across the world to teach you what they know best. 

If you are a musician considering a career in design, or a policy analyst looking to break into product management, or a business associate looking to build something of your own - these fellowships give you the space to try it all out. 
These fellowships focus both on breadth and depth. Some of the fellowships that have been conducted as a part of the micro-adventure fellowships include -
  • Product Management Fellowship 
  • Investing Fellowship 
  • Policy Fellowship 
  • D2C Fellowship 
  • Sports Administration Fellowship 

In this segment of the fellowship(s), we like to focus on bringing the best faculty in the world, providing output-driven learning, and creating avenues for serendipity and networking. 

We are constantly ideating on new fellowships for this section, and you can send in your request to us. Not all fellowships in this segment are repeated. Some happen only once. 

Timing - Throughout the year
Duration - 2 days to 6 weeks

Essential Skills 

To make the foundational learning and micro-adventures come together there are a few hidden skills that can make your learning and experimentation easier. These skills and their fellowships happen twice a year and they are - 
  • Writing Fellowship 
  • Public Speaking Fellowship 
  • Community Building Fellowship 
  • Personal Branding Fellowship 

Timing - Twice a year
Duration - One month 

How do I make the most of this? How do I design my fellowship experience?

A simple way to think of choosing which fellowship to participate in is 1+1+x.

We recommend you do one foundational fellowship, one essential fellowship, and 2 to 4 micro-adventures. 

That said we know FOMO is a thing. Therefore we record all our fellowship sessions and convert them into individual masterclasses. You can always go in and learn from a specific topic that you like without doing the entire fellowship 
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