Deconstructing Nandini Satpathy,
the Iron Lady of Orissa

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About this masterclass

Understanding various contributions of one of the most iconic, but understudied leaders of modern India 

Women in politics during the early years of post-independence India 

Powerful friendships and fallouts

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Pallavi Rebbapragada

Pallavi Rebbapragada is a journalist and public policy consultant based in Delhi. She started her career at India Today as a features writer and journeyed through Europe, the Middle East and the Far East capturing life and culture in her stories. She then worked with Forbes and Firstpost, at times dipping into the dark depths of the economy of death workers, prison reforms and India's drug crisis. On other days, she interviewed the strongest voices across politics, business and cinema. Her first book, Upon a Bright Red Bench, was assessed at the Yale Writers' Conference in 2014. During her recent stint at the Delhi Vidhan Sabha, she realised that her true passions lay at the cusp of poetry and policy. With empathy and strategy, seeping into ink and onto paper, she wishes to pen the story of her nation's tomorrow.
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