Understanding Gérard & Building A Portfolio Of Careers

Johnathan Bi
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About the Masterclass

Understanding careers through the lens of Gérard

Insights on building a portfolio of careers 

Exploring philosophy and contemplation as a career

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Johnathan Bi

Johnathan Bi is on the founding team of Lonsdale Investment Technology, a financial technology startup. He is launching a 7-part lecture series on René Girard, a French philosopher who posited a theory that rivalry, imitation (mimesis), and scapegoating mechanism govern human interaction and history, and how Girard’s Mimetic Theory impacts the contemporary world. A recent graduate of Columbia University in Philosophy and Computer Science, Bi is also writing a book on the intersection of Girardian social theory and Buddhist phenomenology. To watch, listen, or read the full transcript of Johnathan’s first lecture on Girard, visit this link
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