Understanding Inflection: A Roadmap for leaders at crossroads

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About this masterclass

Frameworks for effective leadership in an uncertain and volatile world

Personal insights on the idea of ‘success’ and ‘feeling successful'

The art of identifying and navigating important points of ‘inflection'

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Sharath Jeevan

Sharath is the Globally Recognised Authority on Leadership at Inflection Moments. He is an acclaimed Advisor, Facilitator & Author supporting Leaders and Organisations to Futureproof Success. 
He supports a wide range of organisations to safely navigate their Inflection Moments & futureproof success, through an innovative Guided Journey process. These include pre-eminent global corporations (e.g. L'Oreal, Shopify, Adecco), public sector organisations (e.g. the UK's NHS & Parliament), non-profits (e.g. Teach for All, Ashoka), growth businesses (e.g. JKS Restaurants) and venture funds (e.g. within the Omidyar Group). 
Sharath teaches Leadership at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities. 
Sharath's groundbreaking first book "Intrinsic" received widespread acclaim from fellow authors Dan Heath and Nir Eyal, to former Prime Ministers.
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