Deconstructing A.I. Ethics

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Role of serendipity in building meaningful careers 

Ethical principles toward shaping more inclusive technologies 

Feminist and anti-racist approach to AI

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Dr Eleanor Drage

Eleanor started her career in financial technology before co-founding an e-commerce company. Now a Senior Research Fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge, she maintains her strong interest in commercial concerns and opportunities in AI by working to bridge the gap between industry in academia in AI Ethics. She runs a team that is building the world's ⁠first free auditing online tool⁠ that allows companies to meet the EU AI act's obligations - which have been enriched with feminist and antiracist principles. She previously explored what AI ethics currently means to AI engineers at a major tech multinational the size of Meta. Her advisory work in the AI Ethics space also includes the UN Data Science & Ethics Group's 'Applied Ethics Toolkit'. On this site you can learn more about her past and present projects, media appearances, and publications.

Eleanor is the co-host of The Good Robot Podcast, which is among the world's top 5% of most listened podcasts, where she interviews top scholars and technologists about AI ethics. She's also TikToker for Carole Cadwalladr's All The Citizens' data rights channel. 
She is the author of The Planetary Humanism of European Women’s SF: An Experience of the Impossible (2023), a history of science fiction written by women from 1666-2016. She's co-editor of Feminist AI: Critical Perspectives on Algorithms, Data, and Intelligent Machines and the forthcoming book The Good Robot: Why Technologies of the Future Need Feminism with Bloomsbury. 
She has an international dual degree PhD from the University of Bologna and the University of Granada, where she was an Early Stage Researcher for the EU Horizon 2020 ETN-ITN-Marie Curie Project “GRACE” (Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe). She has made two short films about science fiction utopias and dystopias, and co-created a feminist quotation-generating App called 'Quotidian'.  
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