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Dhruva Bhat

Dhruva Bhat is an entrepreneur and researcher with extensive experience in educational innovation and international development. He co-founded and directs Lumiere Education, a company that delivers advanced extracurricular programs focusing on research, AI/ML, and professional development to high school students worldwide. Under his leadership, Lumiere has reached over 4,000 students from 70 countries. In the past, he has helped scale India’s largest debate education nonprofit, the Indian Schools Debating Society, and coached the Indian national team to win the World Schools Debating Championships. 

​Dhruva graduated from Harvard University with an A.B. in economics, magna cum laude and from Oxford University with a Ph.D. in international development as a Rhodes Scholar. His research on education and entrepreneurship in developing countries has won the Dunlop Prize in Business and Government, the Burke Knapp Travel Grant and the Murray Speight Research Grant. 
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