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Matching top jobs with top talent
Network Capital is a global community of 100,000+ bright, curious, and kind millennials who love to learn with and from each other.

The Network Capital Job Board is a market place for matching top jobs with the best candidate. 
1. We help companies hire top talent for their teams
2. We help millennials find their next ‘big’ role
3. We curate a daily list of best jobs 

In 2020 we helped 100+ companies hire 4000+ candidates through our platform. 

Help companies hire top talent

Hiring is the single most important and difficult thing that companies have to do for scaling. Network Capital helps with this process by - 
1. Sharing the job openings with the community and relevant subgroups.
2. Using our data base of candidates looking for news jobs to match talent with opportunity. This makes the process of hiring quick, effective and efficient. 

We have made matches happen for companies like  - 

Organisations interested in hiring via Network Capital can subscribe to the community and share their requirements here.

PS. - If you are interested in helping with the personal development of your employees, our CEO Fellowship might help. We do offer group subscriptions.

PPS. If you want to customise your hiring experience with Network Capital you can write to us here.

Help millennials find their next ‘big’ role

Finding your first job or your next big project can be intimidating and overwhelming. We help Network Capital subscribers with this process by -
1. A daily list of curated jobs. 
2. Receive 1:1 mentoring to identify your ideal job.
3. Be matched with a top job based on our inventory.
4.  CV and cover letter review.
5. Mock interviews.
6. Introductions and referrals for the job from other community members working in the revenant organisation - most of them have created content for us already.

To use Network Capital resources to find your next job, you can subscribe here. Then get started by - 
1. Access the job board
2. Prepare your CV and Cover letter
3. Book a mentoring session/mock interview

In 2020, we have helped Network Capital subscribers get jobs with  - Tesla, Facebook, BCG, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Government of India, Dalberg - to make a few.

- If you’re are confused about what next our “I don’t know what I want to do with my life” Fellowship will be of great help.

Daily job board

Every day our team spends hours finding the best jobs in the world. This process is a combination of - 
1. Extensive research to identify top jobs
2. Our partner organisations who exclusively hire via Network Capital
3. Our incredible community members who actively share jobs in their organisations and teams. 

Before any job is added in the job board, it does through a comprehensive vetting process to ensure that each job -
1. Has great potential for career progression
2. Provides our subscribers the growth opportunity they need
3. Will be relevant in the coming years

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