CEO Fellowship

Build foundational leadership skills
The CEO Fellowship focuses of three key themes -

First, thinking deeply
. Let’s call it second order thinking. In our modern lives of perennial distractions, the ability to be indistractable (a term coined by author Nir Eyal) is our super power. Be it religion or politics or policy or business, there are obvious things that everyone claims to be aware of (surface level knowledge) but very few actually dive deep and form their own points of view. It is easy to be loud and wrong. Sitting comfortably in an echo chamber is the enemy of good decision making. And if you cannot make sound, contrarian decisions, you won’t last a day in the CEO chair. Again, CEO is just one of the many things you can choose to aspire for. 

Second order thinking will be a vital problem solving tool for life. Whether you are choosing to invest in a company, buy a house or cast a vote, it will propel clarity. Clarity is power and second-order thinking enables that. It is a habit shaped with practice. You won’t suddenly become a deep thinker tomorrow but if you commit to trying, in a few months it will seem natural. You will be able to filter signal from noise.

Second, writing clearly. Network Capital would not exist if we didn’t learn how to communicate complex ideas through the power of words. It is an acquired skill honed with practice Almost every leader worth remembering writes well.Good writing is persuasive, stylist and as Elizabeth Gilbert likes to call - surprising and inevitable. Good writing is both art and science.

Third, speak purposefully. As you rise to become CEOs, community leaders and world leaders, you will realize that complex coordination is the single most important charter for you. You will need to learn to inspire people, give tough feedback and do so with empathy.Legendary investor Warren Buffet says that one of the best investments he has ever made is to enroll in a public speaking course. He was petrified of sharing his views publicly and the course helped him become reasonably good. He explains that speaking well is an asset that will pay dividends for 60-70 years and turn out to be a liability if kept unchecked.

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  • Live sessions 
  • 1:1 mentoring
  • Networking sessions
  • Practical projects
  • Unfettered access to faculty member
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Who this course is for?

The CEO Fellowship is designed for those who want to take the next leap in their leadership journey. Growing professionally and creating new opportunities for the next level of your career requires deliberate focus and attention. The CEO Fellowship is designed keeping this in mind. In the past people have used this fellowship to - 
  • Work towards their next promotion
  • Refine their personal leadership style to become more effective at work
  • Create new opportunities outside their immediate area of work
  • Become a better leader

The fellowship journey

The fellowship will require 8-12 hours of engagement very week for three weeks. Live sessions will be held on the weekends (typical at night IST); and weekdays will be for 1:1 mentoring and community building.
  • Setting your long-term vision
  • Nurturing clarity of thought & communication
  • Effective writing & thinking 
  • Building your tribe of mentors
  • Thinking in long-term & playing infinite games 
  • Building your personal brand 
  • Scaling yourself through communication

Our Guest Faculty includes

Session from the previous Cohort(s)

Frequently asked questions

How many mentoring sessions will I get? Who will be my mentor?

We host Office Hours (1:1 mentoring sessions) daily from 6pm to 9pm (IST). As Network Capital a subscriber and fellow, you can book as many mentoring sessions as frequently as you want. 

These sessions are conducted by the faculty members of fellowship, distinguished leaders, and the Network Capital team. We will find the most suitable mentor based on your specific requirements.

What is included in the cohort experience? What can I expect in the fellowship?

The CEO Fellowship is a combination of live interactive sessions, 1:1 mentoring, self-paced projects and networking sessions. 

In terms of the structure, the live sessions are held on weekends (taking in account the various time-zones in which fellows stay); and the mentoring sessions, projects and networking sessions are spread across the week. 

How does the fellowship connect to the larger Network Capital experience? 

The Network Capital experience is a combination of community, content, and career intelligence and our fellowships are a high-touch amalgamation of these three Cs. 

All fellows, in addition to the fellowship resources, have complete access to all other Network Capital services and features. 

What happens when the fellowship is over?

The tangible outcomes at the end of the fellowship are that you walk away with personalised feedback and mentoring, a power network of fellows from your cohort, learnings from your project, and a certificate of completion. 

But the way in which Network Capital is designed, we ensure that your learning journey continues even after the fellowship. Post the fellowship you have access to fellowship reunions, future faculty sessions and networking events. You are also welcome to sign up for other bootcamps and fellowships and join in on Network Capital events. 
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