How to become an NFT Artist?

Shreya Bhan
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About this masterclass

The art and science of building your community as an artist

Insights from the journey of becoming an independent NFT artist

Building a meaningful career at the intersection of art, tech & identity

Shreya Bhan

"I'm an artist / illustrator from India, based in London and I have just (FINALLY) dipped my toe into the NFT world. Here's a little about me! I have worked in the fashion industry for 11 years but have always caged an illustrator in me, but the pandemic pushed me to share my art and let it free. I started my art page then on Instagram called Brushbound.

​I'm an introvert, but my mind is constantly buzzing, and I find it difficult to translate all that into words. Instead, I used art, and with that, found sense in the chaos. BrushBound is my way of telling the world that it is ok to be a mess. It is ok to not have it together. I want women to not just accept and be ok with themselves... but to love themselves. I express a whirlwind of these emotions in bold, eclectic, clashing colours and patterns."
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