She The Leader

A 2-week program for women who want nurture their leadership potential

Starts on March 9, 2022

2 weeks

I have superpowers and I know it. I want to make full use of my hidden potential and sit at the driver's seat of my batmobile and be a wonder woman.

If this is you, then the "She, the leader" is for you.

By the end of this 2 week program, you’ll have the skills and tools to drive alignment, learn how to be a valuable leader, and be ready to kick some ass.

What to expect?

A blueprint for becoming a strong leader

A robust view of your own strengths and weaknesses

The ability to influence people you work for and work with

What does the course include?


1:1 session with Shalini Prakash


Weekly content released in a one-hour video with actionable frameworks, tangible tools, tactics, and use cases to consume at your own pace


Four live online sessions to review the learning with your cohort, have discussions in small groups, review case studies and get support on your challenges


Complete weekly exercises to apply the concepts directly to challenges at work.

The modules


 Introductions and welcome
How to become a strong leader
(120 minutes)

March 9, 2022


 Introductions and welcome
  • Understanding your leadership archetype
  • Define your personal leadership style


How to Influence people at work
  • Refine your individual voice by refining your overall communication abilities
  • Analysing different types of influencing tactics and knowing when to use them

    (120 minutes)


How to Influence people at work
  • Articulating your own leadership brand
  • Identifying the shift that you need to make as a leader to live your brand

    (120 minutes)


How can you be so good that they can't ignore you?

(60 minutes)

Introducing Shalini Prakash

Shalini is an investor, author and a curious cat. Her curiosity around social identity and human well-being led her to author her first book, Clueless at 30, which was released in December 2021.

She is an investor in early stage startups, and has mentored and worked with several founders. For her thought leadership in VC and startup trends, she was recognised as LinkedIn top voice in 2017 and was featured in the 40 under 40 in the Alternate Investments India list.

Her interests range from art to badminton to writing. Her love for experimenting new things has pushed enabled her to explore new possibilities all the time. A Masters degree graduate from London School of Economics and Bachelor of Engineering from RVCE, Bangalore.

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