Failure To Make Round Rotis

Mehak Goyal
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About this masterclass

Experience of career transition from startups to poetry

The art of capturing lived experiences in poetry

Frameworks for processing feedback 

Mehak Goyal

Mehak Goyal was a computer science engineer, start-up founder and B2B sales leader before committing herself to writing. Her poems have been published in The American Journal of Poetry, Magma Poetry, Sky Island Journal, The Madras Courier(India), ANGLES, Visual Verse, The Punch Magazine(India), Muse (India), The Alipore Post(India), etc. Her poems were shortlisted for The Woman Inc. & Beyond Black Sakhi Annual Poetry Awards 2019 and the Cinnamon Press Literature Award 2020. She shares her poetry and musings on Instagram @mehakgoyal.poetry.
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