Integrating Design & Strategy 

Kinnari Thakker | Chief Design Officer of TIFIN
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About this masterclass

The art and science of making difficult decisions

Nuances of human centerer design in tech

Building a meaningful career at the intersection of design and business 

Kinnari Thakker

Kinnari's interest in art and design began at a young age -- doodling in notebooks and sketch notes. After an undergraduate degree in Visual Communications design she recognized her passion for digital experiences and products and went on to pursue a Masters in Design from Carnegie Mellon University. This exposed her to information and interaction design and as a discipline.

She spent the early part of her career in New York working at Ogilvy on designing large platforms for American Express, Blackrock, IBM and Pfizer. She later moved to a younger agency to focus on commerce experiences for clients Scholastic, Cartier and Ralph Lauren. These experiences taught her about business, design and processes of product delivery.

In 2017 Kinnari founded 1st Main, a Digital Product Agency in Bangalore, in an effort to offer clients a quality product through design and effective product delivery. Being in Bangalore, 1st Main assisted several startups to launch their MVPs and also partnered with medium and large organizations to improve their digital experiences.

In 2022, 1st Main was acquired by TIFIN. Kinnari now serves as Chief Design Officer for TIFIN India, and brings human-centered product thinking and UX design leadership to TIFIN. 
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