Evolving Men’s Collective

A 6-week program for men who seek to live in alignment with their values and desires, and create a meaningful life. 

Taught by Ashmeet Kapoor

Starts on March 10, 2022

6 weeks

We’ve grown up in a world which equates certain ideas and ideals with being “manly”. Naturally, these form part of our conditioning, and in subtle ways inform our decision making process. 

Anyone who wishes to be fulfilled and live peacefully, has to go through the process of unlearning, and taking conscious action to align with their truth and values. 

This fellowship is designed to help you understand your conditioning around masculinity, how it may be holding you back from your full potential, discover what kind of man you wish to show up in the world as, and take steps towards becoming that.


But this fellowship is not about how to make it happen. It’s not designed to address the self-limiting beliefs, habits, and mindsets that stand in the way of your greatness. 

It’s purpose is to question everything that you want at the fundamental level. Paradoxically, doing this may be precisely what you need to address all your limiting beliefs and behaviours that stand in the way of all that you want to see for (and from) yourself. 

Have you ever considered questions such as -

  • Where do my expectations of myself come from?
  • Where does my drive to achieve come from?
  • What is my relationship to the expectations others have of me?
  • Could I die peacefully, if my actions in the world never create any meaningful impact?
  • Why am I constantly stressed about what might happen?
  • When others in my area of work achieve more, why don’t I feel grateful for the impact they have created towards the problem I care so deeply about?
  • Why is it important whose actions are contributing to solving the problems I feel passionate about? 
  • Why is it so important for me to be the one whose actions lead to change?
If these questions spark curiosity and make you introspective, then this may be the right time for you to embark on this inner journey.
The point of asking these questions isn’t to imply that we shouldn’t want to create a big impact. Desire and curiosity are inherent to humans. We are wired to explore, and to be agents of change. 

But, unfortunately, a lot of “action” in the world comes from a place of deficit. 

There is no data to point how many people this applies to. But if you take a quick moment to peek inside to check if your sense of self-worth is derived from what you do and what you achieve, it reflects that your achiever mindset is an attempt to validate yourself - to prove that you are worthy of love… of existence. 

Most of us operate like that. We look for things outside to soothe the tenderness inside that is inherent to all humans. The truth is that nothing outside is a permanent fix, and that’s the root of all problems in the world - from addiction and violence to climate change and inequality. 

The question is - what would you wish to do, if you already felt like you were worthy? If that feeling was independent of how much or how little you achieve or create? 

Well, you won’t know until you feel that way. 

How do you learn to feel that way? That’s what this fellowship is about. However, it would be insanely unethical to guarantee that result. This is a lifelong journey, and this fellowship has been created to give a boost to yours. 

These topics are relevant for everyone, so why is this fellowship only for men?

Well, because women just don’t get it. 

On the contrary, women, generally speaking, tend to be more self-aware and in tune with their inner worlds. Of course, there are no absolutes, and there are (and have been) numerous self-aware men and not-so-self-aware women on the planet. 

An experience many men across cultures and countries share is the need to be perceived as “manly”. Our conditioning influences (a mix of family, education, society, culture) taught us to disconnect from the tenderness inherent to all humans so that we could live up to the image of what is perceived as strength. Many of us understand now that true strength is not in turning away from tenderness, but honouring it, and facing it. But in order to be this way, men need to re-learn this skill. 

There is something very powerful for men to come and learn this together in groups. To see each other. To see ourselves. To let ourselves be seen. To start letting the old habitual patterns melt away. The intention behind this fellowship is to create a safe container for men to connect and grow together. To start embodying their worth regardless of what they have done or achieved. To connect with their deepest wishes and desires. To take inspired steps towards creating the life that is right for them. 


The sessions will be a mix of content, group sharing, and personal reflection. There will be guided exercises shared between each session to help strengthen learnings and bring insights into action. 

The course is designed with the intention of infusing playfulness into personal growth. As part of the program, participants will be introduced to various practices to find inner ground and cultivate joy in their daily lives. 

Week 1
Where am I? (Taking stock)

Post session exercise ~15 min /day to deepen self-awareness

Week 2
What do I feel? How are my emotions the key to transforming my life?

Post session exercise ~15 min /day to be more in tune with emotions and what they are trying to convey

Week 3
Who am I? What makes me unique?

Post session exercise ~15 min /day to re-inforce and grow inner-strength

Week 4
Why do I want what I want? What do I really want?

Post session exercise ~15 min /day to align mentally-emotionally-spiritually with your needs and desires

Week 5
What holds me back? How do I hold myself back? Making friends with the inner critic

Post session exercise ~15 min /day to drop self-limiting mindsets

Week 6
What are my next steps? What practices will support me along the way?

Ashmeet Kapoor

Ashmeet is a Social Entrepreneur turned Coach helping changemakers and meaning-seekers embrace and be guided by their highest intentions while learning to live light-heartedly. His journey of building a successful organic food business over a decade in India (I Say Organic), and growing through multiple burnouts and existential crises, made him realise that pursuing something he felt passionate about wasn't enough when it came to feeling fulfilled or happy. His biggest learning was to unlearn - to shed all concepts of how he, others, or things "ought" to be and connect instead with what he truly wanted, and to learn to trust that. At its core, his work as a coach is to facilitate this self awareness for others to help them release whatever is coming in the way of them living fully and authentically. While he works with a diverse set of individuals and organisations, he is passionate about helping redefine Masculinity and creating spaces for men to learn to deepen their self-awareness. 

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