Combining Data Science & Public Policy for Global Impact at Hertie School

Dr. Simon Munzert
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About this masterclass

Dr. Munzert’s global career in Data Science & Public Policy and the importance of interdisciplinary thinking. 

Research Deepdive: Opinion formation and its implication for public policy

The importance of developing hard and soft skills for building a meaningful career in public policy

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Prof. Dr. Simon Munzert

Simon Munzert is Professor of Data Science and Public Policy at the Hertie School and part of the Hertie School Data Science Lab. His research interests include opinion formation in the digital age, public opinion, and the use of online data in social research. He is the principal investigator of an international cooperation project funded by the VolkswagenStiftung entitled "Paying Attention to Attention: Media Exposure and Opinion Formation in an Age of Information Overload", and the recipient of a postdoctoral scholarship awarded by the Daimler and Benz Foundation. He received his Doctoral Degree in Political Science from the University of Konstanz
The Hertie School is a private university based in Berlin, Germany, accredited by the state and the German Science Council. It prepares exceptional students for leadership positions in government, business and civil society. Interdisciplinary and practice-oriented teaching, first-class research and an extensive international network set the Hertie School apart and position it as an ambassador of good governance, characterised by public debate and engagement. Our motto is "Understand today. Shape tomorrow”.

They offer the following courses - 
1. Master of Public Policy
4. Executive Master of Public Administration

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