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Curious about the community building fellowship?

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Network Capital is a community of 100,000+ verified millennials and Gen Z. It has grown without spending a single dollar on marketing. We have been featured in Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum, Harvard Business School, TED and Mint.

Over the past couple of years, Network Capital has been approached by multiple companies, governments, organisations and individuals to build their community. Staying true to our vision of democratising mentoring and inspiration, we are thrilled to bring our learnings and inspiration of community building to you. 

In less than three years, we have scaled a community of 100,000+ members from 104 countries without spending a single dollar on marketing. In this fellowship, we will teach you exactly that. This fellowship is specifically designed for - 
1. Individuals who want to start building their community right now.
2. Companies who are attempting to build their communities and would like to train their employees 
3. Community managers who want to get better at their jobs
4. Curious and entrepreneurial individuals who want to grow by creating their tribe.

PS. If you want to enrol your team (more than 4 people) for this fellowship, please write to [email protected]

What will the fellowship include?

Live classes

Deep-dives on the community building playbook

1:1 mentoring

To get specific guidance and input on your community and its goals.

Community building

This is not a theoretical fellowship. You will actually build and scale a community.
What to expect

The fellowship journey

The fellowship will require 8-12 hours of engagement very week for three weeks. Live sessions will be held on the weekends (typical at night IST); and weekdays will be for 1:1 mentoring and community building.
  • Start and scale a community from 0 to 1000 in less than a month.
  • Understand how networks and communities are built and what it takes to grow them.
  • Deep-dives on the operational aspects - platforms, resources, engagement, and interaction. 
  • Mental models on the intangible aspects - culture, interaction, vision, and goals. 
  • Long term planing - scaling, monetisation, and expansion. 

The second cohort starts on October 31, 2021

PS. If you want to enrol your team (more than 4 people) for this fellowship, please write to [email protected]
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