Deconstructing the Creator Economy

Catherine Yeo | Author & Harvard Student
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About this masterclass

The rise of digital content creators

Catherine’s personal journey as a creator and author

The role of community and content in the creator economy.

Catherine Yeo

Catherine Yeo is a creator, entrepreneur, and investor studying Computer Science and English at Harvard University. By the age of fifteen, she accumulated a following of hundreds of thousands for her online content and turned content creation into a business. Over the years, her writing has spanned fiction, technical blog posts, personal essays and, now, The Creator Revolution: How Today’s Creative Talents Are Shaping Our Tomorrow. Her work has previously been featured in Teen Vogue, Los Angeles Times, NBC, and other publications.

Though she spends much of her days coding and nights writing, Catherine always makes time to read, swim, and cheer her heart out watching her hometown NBA team, the Golden State Warriors. 
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