How Network Capital Taught Me What School Could Never Teach

By Vyomm Khanna | Student of Network Capital School
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Life is a journey, filled with countless emotions which can be divided into many phases. One of the many essential parts of almost everyone’s life is their school days. This part of life is where we attain foundational knowledge, which is imperative in continuing further in the path of learning. Thus, school should be a pure and ideal beacon of learning. But nowadays, that is sadly not the case due to the all the irrelevant topics and subjects that are being taught. The idea of school has now shifted from what once used to be (or at least was regarded as) a place of constructive learning and development to just somewhere you meet friends and get marks at the end of the year. School is being decentralized even during school life, because of one main reason: its lack of contribution to ensure the overall development of a student. That is where Network Capital grabs the spotlight as it helps foster and develop the true foundational skills of life, those that will actually aid you in your future.

But what exactly happened to school and why am focusing so much on the negative side? Well, it all started when school lost its aspect of nurture and development and started to focus solely on arbitrarily teaching random topics to students. Keep in mind that I am not saying that learning logarithms, India’s weather patterns or the names of the rulers during the Mauryan Empire is a bad thing. I mean to say that school needs to focus and give more attention in developing the other key aspects of a child’s character: something it doesn’t properly do. This leads to the child lacking in communication skills, confidence and critical thinking which are key foundational skills in life. The absence of these foundational skills will be a huge limiting factor during the latter half of a child’s life. According to a report published by Dell Technologies and authored by the Institute for the Future (IFTF), 85 per cent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't even been invented yet. This means that the arbitrary knowledge taught in school would be useless as compared to the versatile core foundational values.

But how can one develop and nurture these fundamental values? Well, as school doesn’t play much of a part in developing critical thinking, the correct mind-set, confidence or communication skills, the responsibility usually falls to oneself. Naturally, due to lack of awareness given to them during school, these core skills and values are usually left underdeveloped, and as seen in the previous paragraph, this can greatly harm one’s future. Thus, there certainly needs to place in the world which helps in nurturing and building upon these values while following your passion; thankfully, Network Capital does just that. It acts as a perfect, quintessential addition to school life as its core philosophy directly focuses and builds upon those parts of one’s character which traditional school neglects. It is the ideal solution to an everlasting problem which makes it so amazing!

At this point you may think that what I have been saying is just mindless praise, but as you continue to read this paragraph, you will definitely know what I am talking about. While traditional school focuses on topics like the dates of the first world wars, or the classic novels of Shakespeare, Network Capital (and its lessons) focus on relevant, concise, essential and effective concepts like one’s Ikigai, passion economy, and category of one. While school usually indulges in a student vs. student format, Network Capital works a different way: Student + Student. The students work together, with absolutely no competition and nothing but an environment where one student wishes the best for another. This leads to true collaboration and teamwork at Network capital whereas it is sadly mostly rivalry at school. As a student of the Network Capital summer school in June 2021, as well as an 11th grader in actual school, you can be assured that I am representing both sides of the argument in this article. 

Due to so many distinguishing features about the Network Capital Summer School, I feel that it is worthy of great praise. It not only prepares you for your future (wherever it may be), but also helps you find and define it through its modules and discussions about the true meaning of passion. Although I have never personally met the instructors or any of my fellow students at Network Capital, I feel that I have created a bond that I will never forget. I really do feel that Network Capital has transcended the walls of an ordinary classroom and taught me concepts so unique and everlasting, that my life will be impacted in an exponential way. A truly perfect learning environment, Network Capital has broken all shackles that society placed on me, and done the single best thing it could have: “It taught me what school could never have done.”

Vyomm was a part of the Network Capital Summer School.

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