Why Animal Testing Should Be Discontinued

By Sanvi Kadekoppa | Student of Network Capital School
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Every year, at least 115 million animals are used in laboratories for experiments. Out of these 115 million animals, at least 110 million are killed. These animals can range from mice and rabbits to dogs, fish, and even monkeys. Everyone views animals differently. Some people think of animals as friends, while others think of them as beings we coexist with. But one thing is clear: that animal exploitation happens all around the world, and using animals for testing is inhumane. 

The first reason why animal testing should be discontinued is because it is violating the rights of the animals. When animals are used for laboratory testing, they are being subjected to something they did not consent to. Animals should be cared for and treated respectfully. No matter what species, all animals should have the right to be respected. Animals and humans are very similar in many different ways, but animals aren’t given a choice when they are used for testing. Even though animals can think the same way humans do, they are treated unfairly since they are animals and cannot voice their thoughts. This is an example of speciesism. Animals should be given the same rights as humans, but instead they aren’t given any choices. 

In addition, animal testing can be dangerous and unreliable. 95% of drugs that pass in animal trials fail when tested on humans. Animals and humans aren’t the same, even though they have some characteristics in common. Tests that are run on animals in laboratories usually won’t work on humans, regardless of whether the animal is a dog, rabbit, or monkey. The DNA of certain animals that are used for testing do not necessarily have to be similar to the DNA of humans. For example, mice are one of the most common animals that are tested on. However, their DNA only matches 50% of the DNA that humans have. Oftentimes, results of testing done on animals cannot be depended on. An example of this is how a drug that was used to treat arthritis passed the trial when it was tested on monkeys, but it caused over 320,000 heart attacks and strokes and killed 140,000 people worldwide. 

Lastly, it is inhumane. The animals experience a lot of pain when they are subjected to tests, specifically toxicity tests. These experiments are often deadly and cruel. More often than not, the animals aren’t given anesthesia and experience intense pain. Toxicity tests are when a substance is tested to see if it will be toxic to humans. A lot of times, toxicity tests are conducted on animals. Large amounts of the substance are injected into the animals’ bodies, and they are left to die. The tests that are conducted on the animals are cruel and unethical. 

In conclusion, animal testing needs to be discontinued. Not only is it violating the rights of the animals, but it is also unpredictable, violent, painful, and unethical. Using animals in laboratories is unnecessary since there are alternatives to animal testing. 

Sanvi was a part of the Network Capital Summer School.

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