Failure And Success

By Rian Rao Narvekar | Student of Network Capital School
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People spend hours, weeks, months and years chasing success. The reality is that not all achieve it, or atleast, not all stay persistent. Failure is a crucial component of success. Which is the dominant? Is it my ambition to succeed or the fear of failing? I have discovered three main concepts that, if implemented today, will have a long term impact on our lives.

Don’t give up too early. The majority of challenges we face, are there to develop a character, not to stop us. Failures are what I refer to as preparation towards success. When something goes wrong, a typical excuse that i believe everyone has used is to say “Well that didn’t workout, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.” And most of us stop right there, but that's not how life usually works. Work towards your goal, and keep working. Don’t give up too early.

There is no such thing as failure,you succeeded if you learnt the lesson and gave it your best.

We frequently judge success or failure based on the outcome, rather than the effort. However if you’ve given it your best, you’ve succeeded. Robert kiyosaki quoted “Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.” When we win, we celebrate, when we lose, we usually reflect.

Failure is a vehicle, a friend, not an enemy, its a connecting point leading us to success. The faster you fail, the faster you learn. The faster you learn, the faster I succeed. So go and fail as fast as you can, to learn as fast as you can, to succeed as fast as you can.

The past is not a predictor for future. The past equals the future is the perfect formula for misery.
The only thing that keeps us from getting what we want, is the story we keep telling ourselves about why we can’t have it. The truth is, we have a blank page in front of us every day to write our own tale, based on our current reality, not our prior reality.

We must learn to call our failures the preparations for success.

Rian was a part of the Network Capital Summer School.

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