How Flute Taught Me An Important Lesson Of Not Giving Up

By Rajasi Muley | Student of Network Capital School
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Hi, my name is Rajasi, I am 14 years old and today I will tell you when I came across a situation that wanted me to give up but I said no and would like to tell you how I did that if you find this helpful or any informative I'm really grateful.

(Note: I talk about process a lot here and by process I mean the activity or the job that you like to do.)

I was in class 6 when I picked up a new instrument, flute as I went to my grandparent's house every year. For a long time, I used to hear an old man in my neighborhood playing flute. My father asked him if I can learn flute at his, even though I did not like the idea of that I thought of giving it a try anyway because it was something new and I really loved the company of anything except for studies. For the first time, I purchased a flute not from a street vendor in any fair but from a designated store. I was very excited for the next day as I was going to learn something new. The first song I learned was the national anthem of India. As I was at my grandparent's house I had to go back to my own house after the vacation too. I still wanted to continue flute so I started learning flute just near my house in Hyderabad. Fast forward to me being more fluent in flute than ever before, then I was learning harder things than ever and I was not enjoying it at all but because number one I did not enjoy stuff that I did not understand, number two I did not practice and because of both these things I was at a verge of going up and almost telling my dad that I don't want to do it anymore, I did not read any article or anything about not giving up but I just knew that I wanted to keep trying. I tried but failed, tried again and failed, tried yet again and failed but if I would have given up I wouldn't have learned anything. I failed a lot but eventually learned it anyways. Always remember that you will HAVE to skip the block of giving up in your process which usually comes in after failing as failing is important for many reasons in the process.

Here are some tips that I think might be able to help you by encouraging yourself to not give up:-
 1. Start pausing but not quitting. Take a step back to get ready to launch yourself don't walk back.
 2. Choose to be positive and be motivated. We know that mental health is important. Meditate and be positive to achieve your goal.
 3. Change the way you do it. In my case, I was not playing flute properly, in your case just think about it and work on it.
 On that note then I would like to end my blog for today with a very strong quote by Vince Lombardi
“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

Rajasi was a part of the Network Capital Summer School.

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