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Public policy as an area of higher education and an industry for work is particularly popular among millennials and gen z globally. 

The combination of our community, career intelligence, and content has helped people - 
1. Make it to their dream schools - Harvard Kennedy School, SIPA Columbia, Sciences Po, Yale, Princeton, Hertie, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, NUS, etc.
2. Break into the policy sector and get the best jobs in the government and private sector
3. Rapidly progress in their professional journeys.


From an effective subgroup for policy to exclusive access to curated events, conversations, and discussions - the Network Capital community ensures that you are up to date with everything policy. 

Our subscribers have used the Network Capital policy subgroup and the larger community to

Career Intelligence

To build a meaningful and inspiring career in policy, mentorship plays a critical role. It helps in finding the right opportunities, thinking through the next steps, and making careful decisions. As a part of Career Intelligence on Network Capital, everyone gets access to mentoring that enables them to - 
1. Craft completing applications for MMP/MPA/Masters. 
2. Prepare effectively for job and admission interviews.
3. Think through their personal career progression and identify unique opportunities 
4. Transition from diverse sectors to policy


Suplementing the community and career intelligence, our content helps our subscribers understand about different aspects of careers in policy from the best policy professionals in the world. Here is an archive of all our policy content.



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