Dr. Anamika Prize for GenZ Poets

Selection for Round II
After the first shortlist based on eligibility and submission, we are outlining the next steps and selection criteria for the second round of the Dr. Anamika Prize for GenZ Poets. Those shortlisted have been intimated via email.

The second round will now evaluate the candidates on the merit of their work and literature. 

Next Steps

To proceed to the next round all shortlisted candidates are required to -

1. Submit a video recording reciting any one of their poems. They are free to pick any poem they wish. The recording needs to be submitted here - https://forms.gle/ugTt3AFPTAUgsqX76
2. There is no limit on the duration of the video. No editing is required at all. Any recording from a mobile phone/laptop can directly be submitted. 
3. In the video, we expect the candidate to introduce themselves and their poem and then recite the poem they have picked.
4. The last date to submit the video is Feb 15, 2022.
5. By Feb 17 all the videos will be uploaded on the Network Capital Youtube page. 

Evaluation for Round II

Once all the round II poems are submitted by Feb 15, 2022 they will be evaluated on the basis of their literary merit. Our goal with this competition and the Dr. Anamika Prize for Gen Z poets is to make the discourse around poetry public and supportive for young writers. 

The submissions will be evaluated by an esteemed panel of poets. 

We want poets to engage with their audience. However number of likes and comments will have no bearing on the results. Those who have been selected for round three will be intimated via mail. 


To help all candidates who have made it to the second round, we are providing - 

1. One year Free subscription to Network Capital. This will help them learning from poets and authors we have hosted on Network Capital and refine their craft. 
2. Access to the Network Capital community so that they can engage with a larger audience through their writing.
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