Hopes And Dreams

By Divyanjali | Student of Network Capital School
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I am really envy of the kids these days, I mean who am I to call them kids when I am one. But the fun thing is that they get to dream freely, they get to do anything they want to do. They are so happy and entangled in doing so much fun work that they don’t have any tension in this world. One day they will hold a cricket bat and be like “I want to be a cricketer” and the very next morning they will take a hand brush and use it as a mic and tell “I will be the best singer when I grow up”.

You see things like this amaze me always. Not because of their creativity but for the desire that have, the hope they have that they can do it. The creativity they have, the fire which is burning so well, which I guess will never ignite. 

Dream is a luxury for some, their hopes and breaths are stuck on them. One dream and some hard work, might be the biggest change in your life. Think about it, you dream of to become the best baker in your life, but you also know that you never baked before, so what will a person do in this situation? YES, you must be thinking that if that person has never baked before, yet still sees a dream of becoming a baker is a big thing. He will maybe start working from today, maybe he will just start by breaking the eggs, but who said baby steps won’t work. Baby steps is what is going to help in succeed. 

Successful people dream big, even if the goal may seem extremely difficult to achieve. Mahatma Gandhi dreamt big about an independent India. At that time, people did not believe in his dream because it seemed unachievable. However, he was determined and never gave up. Because he dreamt big, he managed to reach his goal.

 To lead your dreams to success or where you plan to be in life it is imperative to have a passion, it should be your passion something no one else can take away from you. Everyone has a different passion and your passion should be your dream and your dream should lead you to your personal success. Ascendency is different for everyone success for most people is being unquestionably wealthy, but for success may be living a jocular life. Your dreams should something you love to do so much you love getting up every day to do it, your dream should be something that if nobody paid you to do it you would still be ecstatic to get up at three in the morning and do it. Your dream should be a craving, something you cannot live without and you should be sure others see that you cannot live without this.

Divyanjali was a part of the Network Capital Summer School

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