Importance Of Sports

By Aditya Gupta | Student of Network Capital School
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When I was 11 years old, I changed schools, everything was new to me. From the curriculum and classrooms to the teachers and students. The only thing constant during this change was my love for sports. Personally, it was quite difficult to adapt to this new environment. I am shy and it often takes a while for me to open up and interact with people. As a kid I played a lot of different sports from individual sports like tennis to team sports like football. So, towards the end of my first day, things became better as sports time came nearer. Sports the only time during the day where things became neutral for me (in a way). I was able to interact better and easily fit in. Luckily, that helped my speed the process of then getting to know people and eventually open up more. 
As I played sports regularly over the next few months, I noticed something which bothered me a lot. Most of the students got distracted easily in class and did not give their hundred percent (100%). This was because they felt that studies had become a burden on them, and they felt that the teachers felt that sports did not matter. For the students, the ratio of sports to studies was 1:1 but it changed to something worse.

Studies> Sports.

So, sports had a greater meaning to the students. It served as a downtime and helped not only physically but mentally as well. For me, I always feel fresh, and it helps me calm down and clear my mind. 
Sports has also helped me gain various qualities, particularly competitiveness, determination, and hard work. Whenever I played with my friends, I always wanted to give my best shot. I was always determined to reach the goal I had set for myself, and I also worked hard to become better and improve on certain qualities. These qualities were helpful in the classroom as well. Completing homework, practising maths everyday and working on projects as well. 

I feel that if we inculcate sports into our lives and give it more importance it will be helpful. We can start with half an hour to 1 hour a day of exercise or team sport.

Aditya was a part of the Network Capital Summer School.

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