Action To Save The Environment

By Aarush RP | Student of Network Capital School
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Every day more people are taking action to save the environment, increasing the amount of change. But what many people do is plant trees and go for the green environment area to help the earth. But the major problem here is that planting trees and making everything green isn't the solution for all our problems some people would even say the idea of making any random piece of green land cover is not helping with the bigger picture for helping the earth.

Rather than making all the pieces of land you find into a green cover place, what will be more effective is finding a way that the landfills become green cover and instead of making everything green cover, it is needed at a lower level rate. These claims make sense because there is no balance between producing waste material and landfills problem altogether and the green option. In contrast, most people decide to lead a group of people into doing the green cover option rather than the waste cleanup option. Therefore, the only choice that will make any sense, tackle our two main problems, be effective is to replace the landfills with lush green areas plus a little more.

Aarush was a part of the Network Capital Summer School.

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