Building a DAO Ecosystem

Vikram Aditya | Co-Founder & CEO of DAOLens 
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About this masterclass

Insights on building SAAS product for Web3

Nuances of understanding DAOs, community building and decentralisation. 

Imagining a DAO-first trust-less world and the DAOLens vision.

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Vikram Aditya

Vikram Aditya is the Co-Founder & CEO of DAOLens which is in the DAOTech space. DAOLens envisions a deeply integrated B2B SAAS infrastructure play spanning four major bucket areas. Discovery -> onboarding & Activation -> Effective Contribution -> DAO Operations. Today, there are three live offerings around discovery, onboarding within DAOs and project and contributor management. They were creating the infrastructure necessary to ensure the safe and healthy growth of the industry, supporting the transition as cryptocurrencies consolidate with the $22 trillion financial services market.

Additionally, he keeps consulting and fiddling around on some personal side-projects. Previously, he was the Senior Director of Product Design at Sprinklr, working with thousands of brands like Disney, McDonald's, Apple, Prada, Loreal, Redbull, P&G, Nike, Samsung you name it. 
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