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Introducing the Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program

The experience and learnings of CELP alums

Advice for prospective applicants 

Applications are now open with a priority deadline of February 15, 2021 — so make sure you start collecting your materials now! Learn more about eligibility and the application process by clicking here:

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The Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program

Since its inauguration in 2017, the Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program (CELP) has transformed the lives of first-in-family college students globally by identifying and nurturing hidden talent to build cohorts of next-generation leaders. 

By providing an array of educational resources, direct connections to Harvard faculty, mentorship opportunities, and affinity networks, CELP supports young people around the world in reimagining their academic and professional futures, fostering success through locally-grown, aspirational narratives. 

Last year, the Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program received 6,093 total applications from 115 countries spanning the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Latin America, South Asia, and US students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Selected students joined the Crossroads Virtual Program via Zoom to attend an interdisciplinary seminar series designed uniquely for them, curated to encourage their individual professional and academic aspirations.The Crossroads Virtual Program featured 13 fascinating and insightful lessons given by senior Harvard faculty across a range of disciplines. Throughout the program, Professor Maya Jasanoff explored the rise and fall of empires and their implications for our current age of globalization; Professor Michael Szonyi delved into China’s Belt and Road Initiative; Professor Debora Spar theorized how machines will shape our human destiny; Professor Francesca Dominici questioned how climate change will affect our health; and many more.

Program features

The Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program cultivates a dynamic network of future leaders from underserved socioeconomic, racial, and cultural backgrounds spanning over 115 countries. CELP’s multi-stage evaluation process offers a host of benefits to thousands of applicants. These include:·      
  • Free access to over a dozen HarvardX courses·
  • Live, interactive sessions featuring senior Harvard faculty from a range of disciplinary backgrounds
  • Mentorship opportunities with Harvard alumni. 
  • Membership within a vibrant network of CELP alumni
  • Smaller peer group settings to discuss course materials and academic affinities. 
  • Machine-learning-based skills assessment and recommendations for improvement
  • Intensive finalist program with case-study based curricula

Session Speakers

Tiara Bhattacharya
Tiara is the Program Manager at Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program and a research associate at The Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute at Harvard University.

Tanay Lohia, India
Passionate about cutting-edge technologies and armed with the relentless pursuit for driving meaningful impact towards the community, Tanay has started an agricultural company focused on implementation of modern and smart technologies in the much-neglected agricultural sector in Assam, India. Maintaining deep synergies with the government, he has also facilitated the production of non-conventional high-value crops in the region. He hopes to encourage other educated youth to venture into Agriculture and bring forth the much-awaited disruption in this lagging sector. Tanay is a 2020 CELP alumnus from Jorhat, Assam. 

Bharath Ganesh, India
Bharath is the first in his family to attend high school, and has completed a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He plans to pursue his post-graduate degree in the London School of Business. Bharath is a 2020 CELP alumnus from Bengaluru, India.

Sidra Tul Muntaha, Pakistan
Sidra Tul Muntaha is a 2020 CELP alumnus from Lahore, Pakistan. She did her bachelor’s in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Her determination, hard work and passion for engineering to ultimately benefit humanity sets her apart from others. She is the member of the Scientist Advisory Board of The National High School Journal of Science and the founder of SciTech Research Forum. She has developed a keen interest in aerogels, geopolymers and computational materials.  She is currently pursuing MSc. in Industrial Ecology from Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 
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