The Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program

Since its inauguration in 2017, the Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program (CELP) has transformed the lives of first-in-family college students globally by identifying and nurturing hidden talent to build cohorts of next-generation leaders. 

By providing an array of educational resources, direct connections to Harvard faculty, mentorship opportunities, and affinity networks, CELP supports young people around the world in reimagining their academic and professional futures, fostering success through locally-grown, aspirational narratives. 

Program features

For all those who qualify:
1.  Free access to HarvardX courses
2. Machine-learning-based skills assessment and
recommendations for improvement
3. Interactive sessions featuring senior Harvard faculty from a range of disciplinary backgrounds

For semi-finalists and finalists:
1. Mentorship opportunities with Harvard alumni
2. Smaller peer group settings to discuss course material and academic affinities
3. Access to paid or unpaid internships, regionally, or internationally
4. Access to mentorship for one year post-program
5. Participation in an annual regional alumni event

For finalists:
1. Intensive finalist program with case-study-based curricula
2. Consideration for 1,500 USD student grant for internships or short courses in-region
3. Competition for a 10,000 USD seed fund for innovative in-region initiatives.

In conversation with CELP Admin Team

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In conversation with CELP Alums

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In conversation with the Faculty

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