The Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship

Combining profit with impact
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  • Starting

    Mid July 2021
  • Duration

    3 weeks
Network Capital started as a side-project to democratise inspiration and make career guidance available to each and every person. In less than three years, it became a profitable high-impact venture. Our subscription enabled community has provided 1.6 million students with mentors, and guided 100,000+ millennials in making pivotal career transitions. 

Through this journey, we have worked with and learned from some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. They have added immense value to the Network Capital community by creating phenomenal masterclasses and podcasts, and hosting 1:1 mentoring sessions. 

To provide structure to this ethos of learning and sharing for the entrepreneurs on Network Capital, the Network Capital Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship is designed for - 
1. Individuals planning their first ‘side-hustle’. 
2. New entrepreneurs looking to scale their business 
3. Young professional looking to work with startups solving interesting problems

What will the fellowship include?

Live classes

Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and business school professors 

1:1 mentoring

With faculty members of the fellowship


From a cohort of ambitious entrepreneurs 

The fellowship journey

The fellowship will require 8-12 hours of engagement very week for three weeks. Live sessions with faculty members will be held on the weekends (typical at night IST); and weekdays will be for independent work.
  • The Problem Statement - Weather you are in the ideation stage or you already have your MVP, reflecting and refining your problem statement is the single more important aspect. Our faculty members will spend a considerable time exploring this in details and will give 1:1 time to help you get your statement right. 

  • Building a formidable team - The two most important things in any project are the ‘why' and the ‘who’. After getting the problem statements right, we will look at frameworks for hiring and team-building.

  • Scaling - Getting the unit-economics and growth rate in sync is important. While there is no set formula for this, the best growth leaders will teach you frameworks that will help take your venture to the next stage. 

  • Fundraising and monetisation - We already have a vibrant VC, PE and investing community. All fellows will have complete access to them to guide their funding decisions.

  • Sustainability and impact - If there is one common thread across all Network Capital members, it their passion for impact. We will work with each fellow to help them identify  their ‘theory of change’ and use their venture to make that change happen. 

  • Branding and outreach - Serendipity and luck is a function of doing great things and telling many people about it. We will work with each and every fellows to help cultivate a unique brand for their venture. 

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