Network Capital Summer School

A global summer school for curious and ambitious students 

Starts June 1, 2021
For one month
Network Capital is the world’s largest community for millennials and gen z. Our members include Nobel Laureates, CEOs, Scholars, and visionary leaders  and we have been featured in Harvard Business School, The Economic Times and India Today.

Based on the experiences of community members and our research on the lives of global leaders and CEOs, we have identified that the ability to think clearlyread consistently and speak effectively to be crucial for personal and professional development.

With this in mind, the Network Capital Summer School is designed to help schools students understand nuances of leadership and team-work, and enhance their personal development.

Each and every student will walk away with

A published article 

On their learnings and reflection from some of the greatest books of all times.

A public TED talk

Exploring their unique interests and curiosities.

A capstone project

That teaches them nuances of team work and collaboration.
Network capital school

The student journey

We welcome application from students that are 10 and above. Each student will matched in groups of 10 based on their age and interest.
  • Live expert get classes covering speaking, reading, writing on the weekends. 
  • Fireside chats with Network Capital community members on their work and ‘what it means to be x’.
  • Group projects and independent assignments through out the week. 
  • 1:1 mentoring session to personalise the summer school journey.

The Network Capital GenZ Community

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