Shaping an Agricultural Revolution in India

Sathya Mokkapati
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About this masterclass

Insights on reducing income variability through climate resilience for India farmers

Understanding “Greenhouse in a box” and climate resilience.

Nuances of team building and scale for Kheyti

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Sathya Mokkapati

Sathya is the Co-founder & President of Kheyti, an enterprise which reduces income variability and increases climate resilience for Indian small farmers. Kheyti offers a solution called “Greenhouse in a box” which comprises an affordable greenhouse bundled with access to training and advisory. It currently signed up 1000 farmers for its program. Prior to Kheyti, Sathya co founded CosmosGreen, an enterprise focused on creating production expertise in agriculture and making farm ownership easy. Sathya is also a passionate teacher who has trained over 20,000 students across India in Chartered Accountancy. As a thought leader for the sector, Sathya has written in Stanford Social Innovation Review, SciDevNet, Huffington Post, Business Line, The Hindu and Yourstory.

He recently delivered a TED talk at TED ClimateCountdown in Scotland. Sathya is an Mulago Rainer 2018 fellow, Aspen New voices fellow 2016 fellow and Acumen 2014 fellow. He is a Chartered Accountant who worked with PwC, before starting his journey in agriculture.

Sathya loves mountain motorbiking and photography. 
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