Making $15M in the Public Markets in 2021

Rohan Pasricha | INSEAD MBA
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About this Masterclass

Frameworks for identifying the ‘right’ stocks and contrarian thinking.

Mental models for doing due diligence on your public market investments.

Insights from turning $300K to $14M in one year

Analysis of ‘Nio’ - the ‘Tesla’ of China.

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Rohan Pasricha

Rohan Pasricha is a US Army veteran currently working for Amazon as their Sr. Regional Manager for the South-West region. Rohan’s career path took a major shift when he ended up joining US Army after writing a blog in response to the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks. He was literally plucked out of the classroom on a US student visa and pulled into the US Army battlefield. He ended up doing his MBA from INSEAD after leaving the Army and ended up joining Amazon after graduation. Rohan had to go on medical leave after contracting Covid-19 in Feb 2020 and used this time to learn more about the stock market. He turned his initial $300k investment to over $14M by Jan 2021 by following some key steps in his investment strategy. Apart from stocks, Rohan loves spending time with his 2 kids and loves playing poker. 
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