The Art of Building a Scalable Internet Media Company

Rahul Sanghi
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About this masterclass

Insights on writing long form, finding your voice and consistency

Nuances of building a web3 media company and finding your audience

The art and science of career transitions

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Rahul Sanghi

Rahul Sanghi most recently served as Fintech Lead for Visa in India & South Asia. He began his career as a consultant with KPMG in London, spending a majority of his time helping the firm set up its global enterprise blockchain and crypto asset advisory practice. He moved back to India in 2018 and joined Koinex (then India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange) as Director of Business and Strategy, before assuming the same role at B2B-SaaS startup FloBiz. He is currently the co-founder of Tigerfeathers, a media brand that is being built for Web3.
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