'The Guy Who Quit Google To Sell Samosas’

Munaf & Zahabia
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About this masterclass

The journey of converting your side-hustle into your job.

The art of scaling intimacy and culture.

Insights and lessons on running a cloud-kitchen through the pandemic

Mental models for thinking about scale and pricing for your venture. 

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The Bohri Kitchen

​The Bohri Kitchen was founded by Nafisa Kapadia and Munaf Kapadia, a mother-son duo, that made Bohri cuisine world-famous by inviting strangers to their home on weekends to eat home-cooked Bohri food from a thaal. 

​The concept became popular in no time, bringing the who’s who of Mumbai to the Kapadia family’s dining room every weekend. 
​It prompted Munaf to quit his high-flying job at Google, India and become the full-time Chief Eating Officer of The Bohri Kitchen.

Before Covid19, The Bohri Kitchen had 4 delivery kitchens and a QSR at Flea Bazaar Cafe at Kamala Mills in Mumbai. Due to the pandemic we shut down all our outlets except the Worli kitchen from which now deliver our food to you. 

​You can read more about Munaf Kapadia’s entrepreneurial journey in his book titled ‘How I Quit Google to Sell Samosas’ available on Amazon in India, the UK, and the US.
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