Public Policy Fellowship

Building meaningful careers in policy & politics
  • Starts

    March 18, 2021
  • Duration

    3 weeks
Careers in policy and politics have undergone a transformational change in the last two decades. With the evolving nature of state, technology, and citizenship, it is an interesting time to explore the professional nuances of build a practitioner in this space. 

On Network Capital, we have probably the largest community of policy professional in South Asia. Professionals who are actively and tangibly defining how over 1/5th of the worlds population lives. From big tech to big govt. policy and politics is redefining the social contract of our societies. Recognising this tectonic movement, the Network Capital Public Policy Fellowship is designed for - 
  1. Individuals who want to learn what is actually means to work in policy.
  2. Individuals who want to understand what career progression and growth in policy and politics looks like. 
  3. Professional who want to meet people working across industry and organisational lines. 
  4. Individuals who want to join a vibrant community of South Asian policy professionals. 

Everything you need to become a leading policy-maker

Navigate the policy arena with live-expert sessions sessions, tactical frameworks, a diverse community of leading thinkers and much more.
Unique insights from across the table
Through our expert-sessions, we will bring to policy experiences from across the spectrum. You will learn who policy is made across different units of governance as well by different stakeholders. This won’t be utopian hypotheticals or conservative determinism. It would be about policy making as it is.
Build your community
If there is one ultimate truth about become a leading policy professional is it radical collaboration and learning. To be a successful policy maker you don’t just need experience and frameworks. You need a network that comes through and makes things happen. Policy making is a machinery that comes to life by the people who collaborate to fuel it.
Your ‘category of one'
Through the course of the fellowship the single focus would be to help you identify your ‘category of one’ and the policy area that you are best suited to solve. But this wont be a theoretical quest. Through the course of the fellowship you will identify you problem statement and actually work on addressing it - we will make sure. 

The fellowship journey

The fellowship will require 8-12 hours of engagement very week for three weeks. Live sessions will be held on the weekends (typical at night IST); and weekdays will be for 1:1 mentoring, group projects, and individual assignments.
Through the course of the fellowship you will - 
  • Learn practical insights and experiences from the best policy makers.
  • Build a powerful network of policy professionals that will make you better at your job. 
  • Understand what career progression as a policy professional looks like.
  • Identify your ‘category of one’ in policy. 
  • Access to an exclusive job board of the best policy job openings.
  • Public policy briefs, op-ed, podcasts, etc. on your area of interest. 
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