The Product to Platform Play

Product Management Sprint
Existing Network Capital Subscribers can enrol in the fellowship for $5. Please write to us for the code.
  • Starts

    15 May
  • Duration

    2 days
The journey from product to platform is the most defining aspect for a company. As product manager, you have be able to zoom in and zoom out to build the product towards the eventual platform. 


Prateek Jain

Prateek Jain, is our friendly Network Capital Rocket Scientist. He designed Business jets for years before, two tech startups and an MBA at Columbia Business School led him to Product Management. He now lives in San Francisco, and does Product Management at the Hypergrowth company - Twilio. Check out his masterclasses on Network Capital here.

Prateek is passionate about building technology, writing, and simplifying complex ideas to make an impact. Lately, he's trying to meditate more and perfect his Hakka Noodles recipe. 

Sprint Structure

Faculty Sessions

To teach you the to foundational principles of platform strategy.

Mentoring Sessions

To give you specific and actionable feedback. 


A hackathon-like weekend to work on your product to platform play.

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