Product Management:
Fundamentals & Unconventional Career Paths

Taught by Ravish Bhatia | Head of Products at indiagold

You will walk away with

Having conceptualized, executed and pitched a product to top industry experts and VCs

A diverse community of product managers

Mentorship for your PM careers

Proof of work for build your PM career

A product thinking mindset

PM Fintech case-studies 

Guest mentors

Kaushik Subramanian
Product Leader at a global fintech platform
Session on:
Product Managing your Career
Deepak Abbot
Co-founder of indiagold
Session on:
Growing in product roles
Vikrama Dhiman
Head of Product at Gojek
Session on:
The Agile Secrets: Do's and Dont’s
Aditya Behere
Product Manager at Upraised
Session on:
How to add/reduce friction in products
Ravish’s journey to Product Management has been filled with adventure, surprises and unconventional pathways. As the Head of Products at indiagold, Ravish has conceptualized and executed several consumer products from 0 to 1. Recognized as one of the top Product Managers in India’s fintech landscape, Ravish is an expert in the digital lending and neo-banking. Previously, he was a Yenching Scholar at Peking University, a Fredrich Bastiat Fellow at George Mason University and an On Deck Fellow. Before starting his journey in Product Management, he was as a consultant with Omidyar Network and ZS Associates. In his spare time, Ravish hosts the Use Case podcast, one of India’s top ranking entrepreneurship podcasts on Apple podcasts.

In this fellowship, Ravish will go through the fellowing - 


UI Controls and Information Architecture
Visual Design Principles
Defining patterns and component libraries

User Psychology

User mental models
Positioning and communication
UX Scorecards
10 key UX heuristics


Getting started
Performance Funnels and KPIs
User Segmentation in Excel

Managerial Skills

Decision Making
Running Scrum with Jira


Consumer Finance
Fintech in 2022

Who this course is for?

This fellowship is designed for people interested in - 
  • Professionals with non-traditional backgrounds interested in breaking into product management
  • Existing Product Managers looking to build their category of one
  • Individuals keen on building the core Product Management skillset. 
  • Professionals keen on building a strong network of product managers

  • Executives keen on bringing product thinking to their teams/organisations

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