MBA/ Masters Bootcamp

Complete application guidance to make it to the top Universities globally.
Existing Network Capital Subscribers can register here.
  • Mid-August 2021 

  • 5 - 7 weeks


This Bootcamp includes 

Live Interactive Sessions

Engage and learn from the alums of top masters programmes and B - schools.

1 : 1 Office Hours 

Book office hours to review application essays and CV. 

Mock Interviews

Schedule mock sessions to ace interviews.

The Bootcamp Outline

The Bootcamp requires an engagement of 1-3 hours per week. This entails two 30 minute sessions on weekends followed by writing assignments. The learnings from the bootcamp can be supplemented by booking office hours to discuss your application essays in detail and by also scheduling mock interviews to perfect your answers. 
  • Practical Insights - All our faculty members will share specific insights and learning from their application journey. Our sessions will start with a deep-dive on principles of application writing by each of our faculty member. 

  • Case Studies - Each faculty member will break down their process of writing applications and acing interviews by deriving specific and tangible examples from real life case studies. 

Recommended Masterclasses and Podcasts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the Bootcamp? How many mentoring sessions will I get? 

The Bootcamp will entail Live sessions followed by session based assignments. The participants can follow up on the these sessions by booking 1:1 hours and scheduling mock interviews.

The Office Hours (1:1 mentoring sessions) occur daily from 6PM to 9PM (IST). As a Network Capital  subscriber and a bootcamp participant, you can book as many office hours as frequently as you want. 

How does the bootcamp connect to the larger Network Capital experience? 

The Network Capital experience is a combination of community, content, and career intelligence and our fellowships are a high-touch amalgamation of these three Cs. 
All fellows, in addition to the fellowship resources, have complete access to all other Network Capital services and features. 
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