Complete MBA & Masters Application Package

🚀 Mentorship, SOP guidance and mock interviews with alums of top colleges 🚀
Over the last three years thousands of Network Capital subscribers have made it to the top schools around the world - INSEAD, Stanford, Wharton, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Columbia, Science Po and so on. 

Through our MBA & Masters Bootcamp we help our subscribers craft their unique application and showcase their ‘Category of One’. As a part of this bootcamp we will be covering all aspects of the application process and host alums of these top schools to talk about their experience and application process. 

MBA & Masters Application Package includes

Insights from alums from top colleges

We have hosted some alums from the best colleges from across the world. Hear about their journey and insights to craft your application.

1:1 mentorship & feedback on your application

We host daily one-on-one office hours to help candidates craft their application and provide feedback to help you articulate your ‘category of one'

Mock interviews and alumni connects

Get one-on-one time and connections to alums of the colleges you are applying to! This will help you know about the college and find the right fit.

Practical advice and tips on designing your application

Crafting a compelling application requires you to articulate your story and talk about your ‘why’. Through our session, we will give you frameworks to do this.

Guidance on scholarship application

Calculating the ROI for your MBA & Masters is important. We will make sure you have all the information you need on scholarship and financial aid. 

All about CVs, SOPs, and Letters of Recommendation

It is important for you to focus on the different components of your application to create a coherent narrative. We will work with you on each component.

Your application journey

  1. Shortlisting the college(s) and country
  2. Crafting your SOP
  3. Getting the CV right 
  4. Picking your referees 
  5. Interview prep and alumni connections 
  6. Applying for scholarship and financial aid

Our mentors

Abhilasha Sinha
HBS (2+2)
Sanvar Oberoi
Stanford Business School
Maansi Sagar
Prateek Jain
Columbia Business School
Mishaal Nathani
HBS (2+2)
Sambuddha Bhattacharya
Kellogg Business School
Ipshita Agarwal
Stanford Business School
Aditi Shankar
MIT Business School
Divya Kamerkar
Karthikeya Shekar
Dhwani Chug
MPP & MBA at UChicago
Suhani Jalota
Knight Hennessy Stanford
Anushka Siddiqui
HKS & Inlaks Scholar
Aparna Dua
Prateek Kanwal
Udit Misra
Cambridge Business School

How does it work?



Start by enrolling yourself in the MBA & Masters Bootcamp!


Go through the curated masterclasses

Once enrolled, start by going through our application modules prepared by alums of top schools to get the basics of getting your application ready right. 


Book your first mentoring session

Post the modules, book your first one-on-one mentoring session to discuss your application strategy. You can use these mentoring sessions to discuss your target schools, application components and to get feedback.


Get the first draft ready!

With insights from the mentoring session and modules, get the first draft of your application ready. Once done, our panel of mentors will help you review it!


Connect with alums

You can further connect with alums to get feedback, suggestions and insights. 


Book your mock interview

Post your application submission, our team and mentors will also work with you to get you ready for your interview. You can have as many mock interviews as you like. 


Figure out scholarships and financial aid

We have an entire module on scholarship and financial aid that helps you think about the ROI for your education and helps you understand how others have  navigated this. 


Go for your MBA & meet other NC members there!

Once you have your acceptance and are set to head to your MBA/Masters program, connect with other NC members who are already there. They will be your suport system and network as you make the next big move!

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